6 May, 2020

Free money sounds great! But, hold on a second!

So you're sitting home waiting on your SSA disability hearing and the Government says, sign up for your situmulus of 600 dollars per week and by the way you need to sign up for unemmployment as well. On the table could be almost 900 dollars a week.

"Get me some of that", for sure.

But hold on, If you are waiting for an SSA disability hearing then you've told the Social Security Administration you are unable to work becuase of either a physical, a mental or a combination of both conditions. To get your stimulus and unemployment money you have to tell the state every week you are mentally and physically capable of working.

UMMMMMM, that creates a credibility issue with most adminstrative law judges. That's because you're telling the state you can work and at the same time you're telling the federal government you can't. Which is it? I need the money doesn't cut it, because that's why people go to work in the first place and everyone needs money.

A second problem with receiving unemployment and the stimulus of $600 per week could actually deal with what is known as substantial gainful activity. SGA is a term used by SSA to define the cut off point for income and recieving disability. That amount is $1260 dollars a month before taxes. So if you work, say for example, 6 hours a month and recieve that amount or more then you won't qualify for disability based soley on the economics. The criteria is tied to the amount you earn. $600 a week and money from unemployment combined with saying you can work to recieve the money in the first place could result in an unfavorable decision from the adminstrative law judge.

What's a person to do. There is no easy answer. Unemployment has always been a problem. Now $600 dollars added on top of the state check could result in many not getting benefits simply because they went for the cash.

I don't have an answer as each person's circumstances are different. My point of today's blog is to alert everyone to the potential problems they may face should they "get them some of that". Peace be unto you and yours until next week. cliff