5 August, 2020

Why Wait

Have you heard the ole saying, "He who hesitates is lost,". Maybe ... Maybe not. Lets think about that in regards to filing for SSA disability. Here's a scenerio; 55 year-old maintence worker takes state retirement because he/she has had two back surgeries and can no longer perform the physical demands of the work. They start receiveing their retirement and don't think to ask about SSA disability thinking they can't get it and recieve their retirment at the same time. Time ticks away and 5 years later they learn, Yes, they can file for SSA disability and receive the money. Waiting creates a problem with trying to build a case that is 5 years old. Additionally, the law won't allow a person to recieve back pay that many years in the past. Waiting to file in the above mentioned case cost  thousands and thousands of dollars over that 5 years. The moral of the story is, when you can't work because of a mental or physical problem file right away. 

Did you know when you reach 62 and start drawing early retirement you can file for SSA disability? Yes you can. More on that scenerio next time.

Finally, as many of you know i handle criminal matters as well as SSA disability. Many face this decision; hire a lawyer or have the court appoint one for me. I've handled court appointed cases and the lawyers i know who do so are dedicated to representing their clients no matter how they come to them. But if you think getting an appointed attorney is free, then, think again, as it is not. If you pled to a deal or go through diversion you will eventually have to pay for that attorney as he/she will file for payment and that payment comes to you in the form of court costs.  Ain't nothing free! So pay now for your own attorney or pay later. 

Until next time, peace unto you and yours, Cliff